Trivia Crack Online: Play the Battle of Wits Now

If you are part of the colossal community of trivia enthusiasts who love a good challenge, it’s time to crack open the fun and challenging world of Trivia Crack, now available for free on PC. Play one of the most downloaded trivia games in the free-to-play market, either solo or with your friends. You can also compete against random players across the world. If you want to know why this game is a must-play, check out this quiz game’s most exciting features below.

Highly Challenging Gameplay

This game provides an all-in-one platform for all trivia fans out there. This highly immersive game is integrated with fun and exciting elements to make each round as engaging as possible. One example is the various categories that feature some of the most interesting questions to challenge your basic knowledge. On top of that are the daily challenges and mini-games that make logging into the game worth it.

Memorable Characters

This quiz game features a cast of memorable characters to represent each of the categories of questions. Among these characters are Tito, who’s in charge of Geography, Albert, who takes care of Science, Hector, who’s the gatekeeper of History, and Tina, who holds the vault key to questions about Art. Each of these characters comes with their unique design and traits that you will get to know as you progress further into the game.

Rewards and Bonuses

Trivia Crack features a rewarding gameplay structure that generously provides players with rewards and bonuses. Aside from the typical daily rewards and login bonuses, players can earn rewards, whether they win or lose in the game. In other words, there are no losers in this exciting trivia game as it gives the player access to the lucky spin mini-game every round loss. Now that’s a generous game.

Play A Diverse Selection of Game Modes

This challenging app offers a diverse selection of game modes. To be specific, players will have the opportunity to challenge their trivia skills in the game’s Classic, Survival, Trivia Topics, and Triviathlon mode. You can also play the Daily Question mode, which features new questions every day, and the Missions mode, which runs for a limited time each week. The best part of playing these modes is that both winners and losers can get rewards.

Join a Huge Community of Trivia Enthusiasts

This exciting trivia game boasts one of the biggest trivia communities in the free-to-play video game market. Become part of the millions of players across the globe and show off your trivia skills. Download, install, and play Trivia Crack on your PC today free of charge.

Game Features

  • Play Single Player Mode to answer questions non-stop and beat your high-score. No turns, no waits, enjoy trivia of the day at your own pace!
  • Win our biggest rewards ever with Missions!
  • Go on a Treasure Hunt! Collect answers to progress through the map and dig up amazing prizes!
  • Collect cards in your album by replying 3 questions correctly or challenging your opponents.
  • Get the crowns; spin the wheel in the Crown section or answer 3 questions correctly.
  • Play in real time with your opponents in Survival!

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Check out these game screenshots.

Trivia Crack Screenshot
Trivia Crack Screenshot

Trivia Crack Online: Play the Battle of Wits Now