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3 Beginner Tips for Playing Trivia Crack

Like most puzzle or quiz games, Trivia Crack depends entirely on your knowledge base, which, in this game, is in the subject of Art, Sports, Science, Entertainment, Geography, and History. Though this may be the case, it does not mean that no workaround is doable in the game to get an edge against your opponents. With that said, if you are having a challenging time in the game, then consider checking out some of our tips below.

Tip 1: Know What the Characters and Colors Stand For

Trivia Crack uses color-coded characters to represent each subject. Thus, it is important to know what each character’s color stands for, especially if you play the classic mode. That split second when the wheel stops to a specific color will provide you an idea on the subject of the question you are about to receive. Although that length of time may not be enough from a third-person perspective, it will be enough for you to set your mind towards that specific subject.


Trivia Crack Online Spin Wheel


Tip 2: Spinning the Wheel

Unbeknownst to most players, you can manually operate the wheel in the classic mode. You can do this by manually pointing your cursor to the wheel and perform a spinning motion to initiate the spin. Making this move is important because you can manipulate where the wheel stops once you get the feel of it.

Assuming that you now have at least a bit of control of the wheel, you can then manipulate it to land on the most convenient place to land, which is the crown. Landing on the crown will allow you to choose a category, try for a mascot, and have your crown meter filled without answering a question.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Mascot Cards

Mascot cards in Trivia Crack are more than just in-game collectibles. Each of the cards features its own set of bonus/attributes that can help up your chances in the game. Moreover, you can see the perks of each mascot at the bottom part of each card. Some of these perks include extra life, spins, coins, and gems.

In addition to the mascot perks, you need to know the effects of each power-up located at the bottom of the screen during an active match. These power-ups include extra time (provides additional time), Bomb (eliminates two answers in the board), Double Chance (allows you to answer twice), and Skip (allows you to skip the question).

Ultimately, Trivia Crack is a fun, competitive game that you, your family, and friends can play during your free time. Although the game itself is based entirely on specific subjects, knowing how to work around some of the game elements will definitely give you the edge you need. Get and download the game here for free!