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Get to Know the 6 Cute Characters of Trivia Crack

Part of what makes Trivia Crack unique is the six characters that represent each of the subject categories in the game. Each of these characters features a design similar to the subject they represent. In addition, they also have a specific color, which is the first thing that you will notice during an active game. Thus, it is highly recommended for each player, especially new ones, to know each of these characters for you to have an edge when playing the game. Read on if you want to know more of these adorable characters.

AI or Albert

Al, which is short of Albert, represents the Science subject category. His distinguishing features include the green color and a body shaped like a test tube. Judging by his looks, Al’s inspiration comes from one of the most important personalities in Science, Albert Einstein. Furthermore, expect all sorts of questions about Science when you see this elongated mascot.

Pop or Popcorn

Pop, which is short for popcorn, represents the subject of Entertainment. Pop, as the name suggests, has bodily features like that of a popcorn bucket. Apart from that, he is commonly seen holding a clapperboard. Pop is the gatekeeper of every question about the entertainment industry. Therefore, expect to get questions about music and movies every time you see Pop.


Trivia Crack Online Characters



Bonzo is the guardian of the Sports category. His distinguishing features include a football-shaped body and an orange hue with two white stripes. Expect classic and modern questions about the world of sports every time you see Bonzo.


Tina represents the Art category in Trivia Crack. This red brush-shaped mascot is the only female mascot in the bunch. Moreover, Tina holds some of the most sophisticated questions in the game. Thus, expect to encounter questions about modern and medieval art every time you see Tina.


Hector, also known as Hector the Knight, holds the key to questions about History. You can identify Hector every time you see the color Yellow in the game. Make sure that you brush up on your history lessons as Hector will be unleashing challenging questions about history.


Tito represents the Geography category in Trivia Crack. Although it is not disclosed where he got his name from, he is one of the easiest characters to spot. Tito’s distinguishing features come from his round earth-like body and blue color. Moreover, expect challenging questions about Geography every time you see Tito.

Now that you have met the lovable characters, it’s time for you to see them on screen by downloading and playing Trivia Crack on PC today. Or you may want to check out this 3 Beginner Tips for Playing Trivia Crack as a starter.